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Cymru Scaffold Inspections provide Scaffold Inspectors who are qualified and competent, with vast experience in conducting Scaffold Inspections and audits.  Trained and qualified to inspect all types of complex design scaffolds to CISRS advanced inspection level. 

The scaffold inspection will include all ladders, staircases and components of the scaffold, the design for more complex scaffolds will need to be produced prior to arrival at site in order to perform the scaffold inspection and provide an optimum level of inspection

Electronic (emailed reports) with photographic attachments are sent to the Hirer / Client/ Principle Contractor within 24 hours of the Scaffold Inspection being completed.

After each scaffold inspection, you will receive a fully detailed scaffold inspection report within 24 hours of the scaffold inspection as per The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation 1998, Report of results of every inspection made in pursuance of regulation 6(3).

The Scaffold Inspection Report will include the following details:


  • The name and address of the person for whom the inspection was carried out;

  • The site location of the scaffold inspected

  • The date and time of the inspection;

  • A description of the scaffold type inspected;

  • Details of any hazard identified that could cause harm to the user; 

  • Recommendations to bring the scaffold in line with current regulations; 

  • Details of any further action required;

  • The name and position of the person making the Scaffold Inspection

  • Status and Condition of the scaffold

  • The requirement for modification/remedy if there are faults

  • Photographs of faults

  • Information from TG20:13 regarding compliance and best practice

  • Recommendations on how to amend and alter faults in the scaffold.


The scaffold inspection report should note any defects or matters that could give rise to a risk to
health and safety and any corrective actions taken, even when those actions are taken promptly,
as this assists with the identification of any recurring problem

Photographic evidence of the findings can be accessed within the report.  A copy of the Scaffold Inspection report will be stored securely for 3 months after the scaffolding has been removed from site as stated in the Work at Height Regulations 2005

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