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To meet the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations 2005
scaffolding should be inspected:

• After installation /prior to being used
• At least weekly thereafter
• Following any circumstances which could jeopardise the safety of the installation such as high winds/adverse weather conditions. So even if a scaffolding structure was inspected just the day before it should be inspected again if for example there were high winds overnight or reports of event such as an earthquake in the region.

It is the responsibility of the hirer/ user to ensure that scaffolding has been inspected in line with
the regulations.

HSE guidance stipulates that all scaffolding inspections should be carried out “by a competent person whose combination of knowledge, training and experience is appropriate for the type and
complexity of the scaffold.”

Competence may have been assessed under the CISRS or an individual may have received training in inspecting a specific type of system scaffold from a manufacturer/supplier. The default competence is widely held to be a Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme

Regular statutory inspections of the scaffolding shall take place at least every 7 days or after any event likely to have affected the scaffold’s stability and recorded in the scaffold register (See appendix C). The tag type system (if used) will also be updated to record the inspection.The Scaffold Inspection Report must be completed after the inspection and a copy of the report delivered to the person for whom the inspection was carried out within 24 hours of the inspection taking place.

The scaffold inspection report should note any defects or matters that could give rise to a risk to health and safety and any corrective actions taken, even when those actions are taken promptly, as this assists with the identification of any recurring problem.

Note: Any tag system is a supplementary check only and does not replace the statutory inspection and report as required within the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

All initial and weekly scaffold inspections must be undertaken by a competent person who has attended a nationally recognised scaffold inspection training course. (e.g. CISRS Scaffold Inspection
Training Scheme (SITS) Basic or Advanced), alternatively a CISRS Scaffolder or Advanced card holder is competent to inspect structures up to the grade of their card i.e. CISRS Scaffolder Basic Structures, and Advanced Scaffolder all structures whereas a more complex structure should be inspected by a CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection card holder.

For more complex structures such as a Designed Scaffolds, an Advanced Scaffold Inspector should be used in order to meet the required of such an inspection.

All scaffolding inspections should be carried out by a competent person whose combination of knowledge, training and experience is appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold. Should the Contractor not have in his employ a qualified inspector, he may instruct the scaffolding
contractor to carry out this duty on his behalf. This should be by separate instruction to the main contract.

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